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LTI Design Team
Since 2007, LDARtools has become the Think Tank for the LDAR community. In the process, we have never strayed far from our personal experience and the experience of our customers- who are also our friends.

Participation in the LTI Design Team enables you to play an important role in the design, development, testing and enhancing of the hardware and software products that have already revolutionized our industry and are about to do it again- at a whole new level!
Each member of the Design Team has the following roles:
  • Direct access to the Design Team for providing feedback and suggestions.
  • Periodic emails featuring current focus issues and status reports.
  • Periodic web conferences that will provide a confidential, sneak preview of mock-ups of software, design philosophies and development plans.
  • Preference to site for being designated Beta test sites and free, software trials.