Manage your entire LDAR program – not just some of your LDAR data.

Chateau™ – The Future of LDAR databases

  1. Sage Environmental
  2. ACS
  3. IPR EMS
  4. EnRud
  5. Environmental Intellect
  6. Darbonne Services
  7. Dexter
  8. Bloc Environmental
  9. Online Environmental
  10. OPGAL
  11. Flir
  12. Insight Environmental
  13. Guardian
  14. ERM
  15. Chesterton
  16. TEAM Industrial
  17. Trinity Consultants


Sales and Support

For further information, sales and demonstrations,
contact us at: or 877-788-1110 x2.

Special Features

  1. Track and support 56 “M21Why” settings.
  2. Support optional array of 103 different omponent properties.
  3. 35 Fully Customizable picklist.
  4. Automated “Next Action” tracking on all open leaks
  5. Detector Types joined: Chemicals, Streams, Components, Tours and Analyzers
  6. Attempt Type (Simple, Standard, Advanced, AVO) data level
  7. Comprehensive and intuitive AVO event management
  8. Track Temporarily Unavailable Components without putting them OOS
  9. Leak definitions managed independently of PPM Attempts and ReTests
  10. Integration of ALL LDAR data: techs, certifications, cylinders, calibrations, etc
  11. Apply Rules to 17 different types of Component Groups- NOT directly to Comp’s
  12. Password protected access to customized Rule Specs
  1. M21Why -assisted Leaker Tag Removal
  2. Manage “excess” DTMs without easily and transparently
  3. Manage additional monitoring on new equipment with Install Date
  4. SubSubTypes (designed for HRVOC components)
  5. Toggle Displays in important Screens
  6. Schedule runs automatically every day at 4:00AM
  7. Ability to document closed leaks for multiple reasons
  8. Attach documents or comments to Tags, Attempts, Leaks, Inspections, etc.
  9. Immediate Missed Monitoring reconciliation
  10. Immediate Past Due Repair reconciliation
  11. Track M21Variance at inspection level (Tech was not able to follow Method 21)
  12. Sub Tag Protection (.1 and .2 tags are protected during any data edit)
  13. Extensive Industry and Expert Contribution.
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